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Lost Rites: The Ancestral Landscape

The last in the Lost Rites trilogy “The Ancestral Landscape” explores the space between us, both within and around us, in terms of what is longing to be given our collective attention for truth, reconciliation and healing.

The Lost Rites reflect our shared wounds as a result of the loss of our indigenous traditions and cultures. This book offers insights and gentle suggestions as to how we can, together, begin to remember what was lost and reimagine what we need, today.


Lost Rites: Community of Grief

The Community of Grief maps the landscape of communal mourning and provides insight, structure and inquiry to support anyone called to “hold space” for Grief. This book explores the dynamics that already exist and that are also needing to be set in motion in order to remember and reimagine collective mourning in community spaces.

In these strong and challenging times this work is so needed, remembering Grief is love and that we can bear together what we could never bear alone. Lost Rites makes the case that not only is grieving in community essential for individual healing and integration of loss; moreover Grief itself is a force for both community cohesion and of repair. It is the reparative nature of shared catharsis that makes it the most potent medicine for our collective traumas, ancestral wounds and social injustices.


Lost Rites: Ceremony & Ritual for Death & Dying

The first in a series entitled Lost Rites, this little gem of a book is a guide to the why and the how of ceremony within the context of death and dying. Within its pages we are led through the conventional form of a modern funeral from a celebrant’s perspective before that limited formulaic approach is then unpacked.

The re-wilding of ceremony is about a return to circles within communities with the ceremonialist facilitating rather than reading a script from a pulpit. This book is a resource for existing celebrants wishing to deepen and refresh their work, prospective celebrants wishing to learn and to anyone who feels called to a ceremonial life filled with meaning. This text will support anyone who wishes to be a “servant of ceremony” whether that is publicly or for their own personal growth.


10 Oils. Aromatherapy oils for the childbearing year.

Want to relax, be well and find your remedies without being overwhelmed with hundreds of oils? Come and explore these ten easily accessible, easy to use oils for the childbearing year. Often very cheap and long lasting they are a great addition to your medicine cabinet while you grow your family risk free.

Ten oils were chosen for this book to make it easy to really get to know them with a handy symptom finder for easy use. Each oil has space for you to make your own notes. Nicola speaks easily to the reader guiding you through the many uses, methods of use and issues surrounding their application; peppering the book with small gems of other information about birth and pregnancy you will enjoy.


Blood Rites – The Spiritual Practice of Menstruation

Blood Rites is a reclamation.
A re-wilding. A re-wiring
An education. A call to action.
And a manual for the badass blood witch.
The priestess of our sacred blood.
An agent of the goddess.
And all women – everyone who bleeds.

We need to reclaim our Blood Rites to recreate and maintain our connection to the Earth. It is time! The Blood Rites are your blood rights!

Written by Jane Hardwicke Collins with beautiful illustrations by Freya Rose


gentle birth companions

Gentle Birth Companions by Adela Stockton captures the heart, passion and sacred path that doulas hold in supporting women and their families throughout time. If you are pregnant, thinking of hiring a doula, becoming a doula or are involved in maternity care today, Adela’s book is essential to help you reconnect the circle of support in childbirth that provides an essential ingredient for a safe, fulfilling birth experience.


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