Lost Rites: Ceremony & Ritual for Death & Dying



The first in a series entitled Lost Rites, this little gem of a book is a guide to the why and the how of ceremony within the context of death and dying. Within its pages we are led through the conventional form of a modern funeral from a celebrant’s perspective before that limited formulaic approach is then unpacked.

The re-wilding of ceremony is about a return to circles within communities with the ceremonialist facilitating rather than reading a script from a pulpit. This book is a resource for existing celebrants wishing to deepen and refresh their work, prospective celebrants wishing to learn and to anyone who feels called to a ceremonial life filled with meaning. This text will support anyone who wishes to be a “servant of ceremony” whether that is publiclyor for their own personal growth.

“Alexandra speaks from a place of deep insight and experience, this book is the testimony of someone who has sat with life, death and the in between. Through witnessing these spaces Alexandra kindly shares observations and invites us to explore the power of rituals and ceremonies for helping us navigate hard and liminal times. This book is written in words, but it is a book for the whole being…and it is a book for everyone alive in these strange times”

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